May 08, 2009

Three Reasons for the KKR debacle

In general I do not follow the antics on the cricket field but since the IPL is good tamasha and KKR is ostensibly based out of Calcutta ( or god forbid, Kolkata !) I have been wondering why they are putting on such a uniformly bad show. The chatterati have come out with two streams of thought to which let me add my own ...

First, SRK after his nationwide success with Chak De India, has come to believe that it is the coach that makes -- or, as in this case, breaks -- the team. In CDI, he portrayed -- albeit on the screen of fantasy -- that the players hardly matter, it is the coach and his strategies that matter in the end and he has applied this philosophy through Buchanan. But he seems to have forgotten completely that the game is actually played on the field -- not in the strategy session -- and it is the players who score runs, take wickets and finally win or lose a game. So now he has a whole team of coaches in addition to a team of players and the tooth-to-tail ratio, both in numbers as well as in the management process, is so small that the team has been rendered toothless !

A corollary to this line of thought is that people do not matter, systems do. That is the way multinational companies operate and that is what is taught to MBA students in the more traditional ( and increasingly obsolescent ) management curriculum. As Gautam Bhattacharya, the incisive and articulate sports correspondent of the Ananda Bazar Patrika, pointed out, this may be the case in more mature societies of Western Europe and North America -- the traditional home of most multinational corporations. But in India, the "system" is so screwed up, distorted and biased, that left to itself it cannot create any value and it is up to the individual who has to beat the system -- by hook or by crook -- to succeed. That is why Hindustan Lever has to learn marketing from Nirma -- and it is to their credit that they learnt it -- and Indians are famous for their jugaad. Circling back to KKR, what this means is that we need the flamboyant eccentricity of sparkling individuals who can hit the ball more than spreadsheet simulations of the Duckworth Lewis variety.

Secondly, SRK is not used to having his personal brand being eclipsed -- even partially -- by another and that is why he cannot tolerate Sourav Ganguly being seen as being central to the KKR story. All said and done, Ganguly has led the national team -- the real team, not a cinematic team -- out of the pits of the betting scandal to the guts-and-glory a victory at Lords and elsewhere ! But it is also true that the Ganguly brand has a limited shelf life and with the passage of time, it will become an increasingly regional brand. So SRK has two reasons -- one personal and the other professional -- why he should not allow Ganguly to succeed and whether he is right or wrong, it is his team, he is the owner, the malik, and since he has paid the piper, he has certainly has the right to call the tune.

While not disagreeing with either of the above, I have a third reason and that is based on astrology ! Though I do not have SRK's horoscope and even if I had it, I do not enough to interpret it adequately, one thing I am sure about is that his stars are well and truly ill-crossed. So called "rationalists" and people with a little knowledge of science may cry foul but the fact remains that there is an undeniable correlation between patterns in the sky and the patterns of events in a human life -- and you may twist and turn and wriggle and squirm but the final result is determined but unfortunately not known, except to the student of patterns.

Napoleon is said to have asked, not for competent generals but for lucky ones ! Having failed with his corporate-managerial approach to running his team he should now decide on the next coach-captain combination in consultation with a good astrologer.


rahbar said...


What‘s wrong with KKR, the most celebrated team in IPL. Analyzing the cause brings out challenging, mind boggling and intriguing arguments to fore. Let’s go to the beginning. SRK chose Kolkata and its icon player Saurav to invest his ambition, energies, wealth, faith, trust and abundant good will. Once SRA zeroed on Saurav, he gave him a free hand as he always does with his favorites.

Saurav on his part started undermining SRK from the very beginning. Tactically he selected and chose players who can be controlled and manipulated by him. Only a couple of players like Shoeb were brought in by SRK and the rest were forced by Saurav. It turned out to be a team of uninterested players just trying to earn a living. Saurav was never a good man manager but he is such a wonderful naturally talented player that his performance on the field overshadows and hides his crafty and selfish inner self from the viewers in general.

Care full study of Saurav’s public persona reveals he is secretive, scheming and very very jealous. Though himself born with a silver spoon, his dislike for people more gifted and successful than himself is surprising. He never liked to play second fiddle to anyone; utmost he just tolerated and bided his time to hit back.

Once SRK bestowed his unending faith in him, Saurav started digging deep beneath the feet of SRK. His reputation as a great player is a shield behind which he can safely play his cards to destroy SRK‘s KKR dream slowly but surely.

Now SRK is in a no win all loss situations. The faulty foundation designed and constructed by Saurav will not allow anyone, even the great King Khan to build a decent team out of the present lot. And SRK may not have time, energy and inclination to start anew. Saurav had the chance to be a great friend and supporter but alas he chose to be the King breaker.
By;- Milton Roy

Anonymous said...

..and how do you know that is true, or how much of it?