May 06, 2021

The full moon of April 26

With regard to a close relationship, you may encounter turbulence. The full moon of April 26 might be difficult for you because unpredictable Uranus will be conjunct the Sun, making things quite unstable, and this would directly affect your living quarters. At the same time, Uranus will directly oppose the full moon in your house of marriage and committed partnerships. This full moon could involve your steady, live-in sweetheart, your spouse, or someone you collaborate with closely to do your job. A sudden tearing away from the status quo is likely to result.

Your landlord may tell you the rent will go up (too high in your opinion) or that the building you live in has been sold, and you will need to move soon. This unexpected news may rattle you, but as you think of it, it may be for the best—you need more room.

It’s possible you are breaking up with your romantic partner, and in that case, you would be moving out. It appears the onus of finding a new place to live will fall to you, not your partner. The part that makes this full moon difficult is the sudden nature of the news that comes to you out of the blue.

Your ruling planet—Venus, the one that has the job of taking good care of you—will be orbiting close to Uranus too, making you feel that without warning, life has turned inside out. You might be uprooted from your living quarters, but if it’s been too small, too dark, or too expensive, you may be glad to leave.

This is an extract from Susan Miller's predictions for Taurus. My mother was a Taurus ( Sun Sign) and she passed away on the night of 27-28th April