March 22, 2021

Two Textbooks from Praxis Press

In two earlier posts, I had introduced the concept of DIGITALICs as a new discipline of study in management schools and had also explained it further in one of the famous Praxis Lockdown Lectures. Now we at Praxis Business School have taken the next step of actually introducing these concepts into the curriculum of the 2 year AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Program.

A key challenge is the availability of textbooks that can introduce the correct technology to management students who do not come from computer science and other programming backgrounds. To overcome this Praxis Business School, under the Praxis Press Program has come out with these two textbooks.

Python for Business Managers - is a textbook for the Foundations of Data Science course that is compulsory for all first year management students. This is a small, 64 page book that not only teaches the student how to analyse data with Python but also sets him up for a deep dive into data science. In India, the book is available through Pothi and globally on the Amazon platform.

AI and Deep Learning for Business Managers  - is a textbook for the AI for Managers course that is offered as second year elective to the management students. This 100 page book not only explains the basics of neural network based AI and Deep Learning systems but, building upon the knowledge gained in the Python textbook, shows students how to actually build small AI systems from scratch. In India, this book is available through Pothi Global availability will be arranged through Amazon soon.

These two textbooks were written in the shadow of the infamous Covid19 lockdown and remain as a testimony to the trying times that the world had to go through.

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