April 20, 2016

पृथ्वीश उवाच - Prithwis said

As a prolific user of Twitter, I have more than 11K tweets on my timeline but I realised that in most cases I have either retweeted others' tweets or at best forwarded or commented upon the contents of various websites. How many times have I said anything original? Actually not a trivial number! I have nearly 4000 original "words of wisdom" that I hereby bequeath to posterity!

How did I arrive at this list? Well I downloaded all my Tweets till 5 March 2016 into a spreadsheet and then using some simple text processing commands, I eliminated retweets and any tweets that contained a reference to any URL. Unfortunately that eliminated tweets referring to my own work as well but that was the price I had to pay to create this.

Finally, here it is ... a collection of my pure and original thoughts from the last seven years!

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