November 10, 2011

The Tunganath Trek

At 12,000+ feet above MSL, Tunganath is the highest Shiva Temple in the world.  On our way to Gangotri, we stopped at Guptakashi and made a detour to Tunganath. This is where we saw the first snow capped peaks.

Our trek started out from a tiny hamlet called Chopta, which is as far as our car could go. From here it is a 3 km, 3500 feet climb to Tunganath. 

We walked through some of very beautiful landscape and finally passed the tree line. Above this point ( shown in the picture above ) there were no more trees. 

and there was snow on the ground, left over from last winter ( 2010-2011). The summer of 2011 had not been warm enough to melt these snow deposits! 

This was the last sign post before Tunganath, and then we arrived !

The weather was turning chilly and with the mist and fog rolling in, it was darkness at noon.

Having reached Tunganath, I thought that I should say something profound !

and Indira also spoke her mind on the the charms and challenges of the Tunganath Trek

with the weather turning suddenly very cold, note the snow on the ground, we start our descent

in an earlier era, in 1997, we had visited Kedarnath but the lack of digital camera had severly limited our photographic ambitions. however these two images survive from the Kodakchrome era

you would notice that the Kedarnath temple is very similar to the Tunganath temple . After Tunganath, we drove back to Guptakashi and then on to Uttarkashi through some spectacular scenery


Lee Murray said...

Another beautiful part of the world. I really enjoy your blog and pictures. I've always wanted to go to India and see it all for myself, but it becomes less likely the older I get. You're very fortunate. Should you ever get to Southern California, I'd enjoy meeting you.

Prithwis said...

Thank you for your kind words. While physical travel is always fun, if you cannot, then being in the age of Google ( with Google Maps, Blogger, Picassa, YouTube ) really helps. I was in Southern California sometime in 1987 and I suppose I had missed you then :-) :-) perhaps our paths will cross in the future

champa said...

Enjoyed the photographic trip. The pictures are lovely and lively. Thanks for sharing with us.

Achyutananda Roy said...

I enjoyed your photographic tour. It is beautiful.We were in Gangotri & Jamunetry 2 yrs ago. That was beautiful. Thanks.
By the way I am ur friend's friend.- Sabyasachi Sen in CA.
..... Achyut Roy, Beaumont, TX.