October 18, 2011

The Pseudorealism of Devajyoti Ray

I had stumbled across Devajyoti Ray when I was looking for images that could be converted into stereograms -- apparently jumbled images that contain within them, other hidden images that get revealed "suddenly" when one stares at for some time. Usually these hidden images are common household objects but I was trying to use, and conceal, realistic photographs of human beings and the difficulty was that the complexity of these images was too high for the stereogram to be effective. I thought that images with sharp edges and flat colours would be easier to handle but the trouble was that most images that met this requirement were rather cartoonish and not realistic enough. My search ended when I came across Devajyoti Ray's wonderful paintings and even though the stereograms never worked out the way I had thought they would, I was delighted to discover that in my serendipity I had discovered a something that was truly wonderful.

In an earlier post, I had expressed my admiration of Devajyoti's art and I am delighted to learn that he is again exhibiting his work in a new show "The Discrete Charm of Pseudorealism" at Mumbai in November 2011.

Here are some beautiful images that I take the liberty of sharing with my readers.

Early Hours


The Balancing Act

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pras said...

Nice - is there some similarity in style with the sketches of Satyajit Ray