February 14, 2011

Psychohistory : Modelling Population Behaviour

Ever since I have had a chance to read the series of books on the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov I have had a great curiosity about and fascination for the imaginary science of psychohistory. But is psychohistory really imaginary ? Can we not use statistical simulation tools to model the behaviour of large human populations. Having toyed with this idea for a while, I thought of publishing it here [ since no journal will ever accept such heresy ]. Take a look 

If anyone has an interest in this "science" let us collaborate !


Joydeep Banerjee said...

I once met a guy who had written a code for BJP, UP for them to estimate the number of votes they will get. Had a great discussion with him (nothing much to do in a overnight train ride). Seems all parties have extensive algo for such prediction. Wonder if there are formal "study" & published papers on the same.


Anonymous said...

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