October 26, 2010

The Snake in the Shadows

This snake decided to pay us a visit, much to the annoyance if not terror of the inhabitants.
If anyone can identify the species please add a comment.


Ankit Pandey said...

appears like Krait.

Atlanta MasterCrafters Toastmasters Club said...

Looks like Dhora (
Chequered Keelback)


Anonymous said...

This is nothing but a rat snake which is called darash in bengali


LostinHaze said...

why r u so obessed with a snake! that too a rat snake-a non poisonous one! Bengalis can be more think of more things.

Calcutta said...

Thanks to all for their suggestions.
@pallash : not sure what you mean by being "obsessed" ? a snake this big is not a regular urban phenomenon ... so i have posted about it. thats all