August 23, 2009

Paintings of Devajyoti Ray

While I do appreciate abstract art -- particularly shapes and colours that please the eye -- I do not always agree with the statement that "if you are looking for meaning in art, then you are barking up the wrong tree". Shapes, patterns and colours are nice but they are even nicer if they can communicate something that you recognise and can identify with.

I came across these paintings by Devajyoti Ray at the website of Galerie ArtEterne and was very impressed by both the form and the content.


workhard said...

Those are real nice paintings.. its true.. its nice to see something in paintings that you can relate with..

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Anonymous said...

Now that you like Devajyoti Ray's works, may I invite you to his next solo show at New Delhi,

It will be at Sridharani Gallery, New Delhi from 5th to 15th October.

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