May 12, 2009

Using Sparse Matrices and RDBMS for Statistical Testing of Hypotheses in Astrology

In an earlier post on I had tried to explain why in the study of astrology it makes more sense to observe, track and validate correlations between events in the celestial sphere and that in personal life. An analysis of correlations is a standard tool or technique in statistics and so it makes sense to apply this technique in astrology as well. However, there are certain challenges in this approach because the format in which astrological charts are created or stored is not amenable to the kind of statistical analyses that we are familar with.
To overcome this limitation and I have come out with a new way to store and retrieve horoscope charts using sparse matrices and relational database management systems. You can read about this mathematical technique in my paper Statistical Testing of Hypotheses in Astrology.

An unexpected byproduct of this effort was my introduction to the Scribd service that allows you to convert any form of document OpenOffice, MS-Office, PDF and what not into iPaper that is not only a pretty nice, web friendly format but one that allows you to publish your thoughts and ideas without depending on anyone else

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