April 17, 2008

NScAI : National School Authority of India

I have always been fascinated by the possibility of high volume education delivery and the immense potential this has to transform the country ... without taking recourse to divisive tactics like reservation.

My first attempt to articulate this was in 1999 when I participated in the CSIR sponsored New Millenium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative and proposed the idea of Shikshaajaal. The proposal, like most proposals sent to the government went -- i suppose -- straight into some bureaucratic dustbin.

My second attempt was in the CII Eastern Region Meeting on Talent Management in 2007 where I delivered the keynote address and presented the idea once again ... but all to no avail. The distinguished delegates, had their lunch, dozed through the lecture and went back to their mundane existence.

My third attempt was directed at

Big Idea Contest
that asked participants to send in ONE Big Idea that can change the face of the country and to articulate this in less than 50 words

My ideas was as follows : Modelled on NHAI, the National Schools Authority of India, will raise finance through tax-free bonds, and build a network of primary schools in every district of the country. After construction, the schools will be leased out to local entities through transparent bidding and operated as franchisees of NSAI.

This idea has been adjudged by the FE panel as the best idea and the results were announced in the paper on 11 April 2008. New Delhi Edition, Page 2 - International section.

I am unable to find the link but here is an imagefile of the news :

Financial Express has kindly promised to present me with an HCL Laptop computer for which I am very grateful but will this idea go anywhere after this ? I hope it does but am also very sceptical ... If you like this idea please spread the word.


jainsampat said...

Sir, congrats. Even I hope that the Government of India takes some initiative, and today when we are working in every key area with the PPP model, I believe this can be success.

Abhishek said...

Congratulations!! I sincerely hope that this idea sees the light of day.

Pradeep Vasudevan said...

Congratulations Dr!... Really proud to know that we belong to the same Praxis fraternity. Your idea is far ahead or other suggestions.
However as you rightly pointed out, where does this idea go? Do our bureaucrats and vexed political nexus entertain intellectual ideas as social uplifting doesn't give ROI in terms of votes?