January 30, 2008

ZOHO : Amazing Web Based Application Developer

I believe I have found one of the most complete as well as easy to use Application Development platform. Why do I say so ? Consider the following features :
  1. A relational database for the persistent storage of data.
  2. A total GUI drag-and-drop front end forms builder with the ability to extend the logic with a scripting language.
  3. The database supports multiple tables linked through foreign keys and updateably both directly and from the application
  4. Easy integration with internet ( send mail ) and web.
But the real icing on the cake is as follows
  1. There is NO SOFTWARE to buy and install. Both the RDBMS as well as the IDE are web based.
  2. The final application can be embedded into any website that allows Javascript. No support required for CGI / Perl / PHP whatever on your webserver.
  3. The entire service is currently FREE !!! and I really hope that it stays that way

To see the kind of applications that can be built .... see

Contact Manager Application

or the

Bank Transaction Application

The two of them were developed and deployed in about three hours.

to know more about this visit the Zoho website.

This is extremely useful for developing small, lightweight applications.

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