December 20, 2006

MMORPG / Second Life in 3D display

MMORPGs in general and SecondLife in general has now become a hot favourite with relatively large parts of the population. As a concept and technology it has few peers and there is no doubt it is at the vanguard of a new wave that leads to the 3D Internet.

What next ?

The clue lies in the word 3D ! SL is essentially a 3D world that avatars live in, but the limitations of the computer console / video display unit means that 3D has to be represented as 2D grid of pixels.

But today, we have technology that can display artefacts in a real 3D format. You can look up the following websites ..

or this website ...

there are other technologies that support such technology .. for example see this

These are monitor based 3D technology which can enhance the SecondLife experience signficantly. Moving forward, laser based technology like the one from AIST

Net-net with all these 3D technologies appearing over the horizon, the entire world of MMORPG and SecondLife should soon change beyond recognition.


Peder Burgaard said...

I agree that the addition of mass adoption of 3D displays would bea nice the next step but currently not many MMORPG's or SL for that matter run very well on these displays, so the nicely done pictures of objects jumping out the screen are to be taken with a grain of salt but that will definitely improve over time as the technology matures and the game developers start focusing on writing game code intended for stereoscopic use.

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