December 03, 2006

Are Your Real ?

A short movie set across three 'worlds', namely Planeshift, Real life in Calcutta, and Second Life that explores the boundaries of real and the illusory. Based on the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, as articulated by Sankar, the 8th century Hindu philosopher, this movie seeks to explore the boundaries between the worlds that are thought to be real and those that are believed to be illusory.

[ this movie may initially take some time to load, and the first pass may be jerky, but if you are patient, then from the second replay onwards, it is quite smooth ]


Anonymous said...

This is the best 'shortest - film' I ever saw!

I can relate to this....for obvious reasons...'Been there, done that'.... after I 'typing this' in REAL life or is this an illusion...??!


Pijush said...

This is really awesome..
Wonderful and Exquisite representation of Nth life.

I wonder how delicately the creator of the game (our World - the Virtual world) made our minds.

Please keep on writing and its a inspiration to people like me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this wonderful presentation. Hopefully more beings will become programmers and have your insights. Once again, thank you SIR.

Shrikantha said...

I think I am real.
It is possible that one day computers get the consciousness and then reality may get inverted!!.

Or also it may be possible for me to attain immortality like Ray Kurzweil is predicting and hence transcend the physical world. I may also decide to passoff the weight matrix of my neural networks to my avatar and may end up as avatar forever.

Prithwis,.. Matrix is about to get instantiated.. Follow the rabbit hole. Time for choosing between blue and red pill