November 18, 2006

Trouble in ShangriLa - More Rural protests in China

China lovers in India, who can see no wrong with what the Chinese leadership does - whether brutal suppression in Tibet or staking claim to Indian territory in NE -- should please take note of the kind of repression that the Chinese government has unleashed on its own population.

Grabbing land from villagers for a song and reselling it to urban realtors and industrialists is big business in India, but the Indian scams pale into insignificance compared to what is happening in China. Follow this link to get the latest update.

What makes it even more easy in China is the complete lack of political and press freedom. While Indian politicians -- given that they do have to wear the figleaf of the Indian constitution -- have to allow a motley crowd led by Mamata Banerjee or Medha Patkar to have their say and the media has the right to talk about, no such luxuries is allowed in China.

If you dare to protest, first you are shot and then that news is wiped off the face of the earth ... except that there are blogs like this others that report it ..

And of course the immoral hypocrites in the Indian political firmament would still lobby for Chinese companies in India and support the Chinese ambassador when he stakes claim to Arunachal Pradesh !!

After all what else can you expect from people who idolise Saddam Hussein - the butcher of Baghdad/Kurdistan -- to get minority votes in the country.

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