November 01, 2011

Formula One Grand Prix at Budh Circuit, Delhi

What is Formula One ? It is a superb combination of man and machine, style and speed, glitz and glory, power and precision that sends a tremor through the heart and shiver up your spine. For the past 40 years, I have been watching this incredible spectacle on television, as these crazy drivers and their fantastic cars raced against each other on circuits at exotic locations like Monaco and Monza.

But finally they are here in India and who can resist the siren call of those screaming engines ? So here we are, the whole family, on a Formula One vacation at Noida, the home of the latest Formula One circuit, the Budh International Circuit : and who could ask for anything more ?

The qualifying sessions

Narain Karthikeyan lead the drivers parade before the start

And then the race begins ...

But the sound and fury can only be captured in a movie !




And then we had the After Race Party 

where we did not have Lady Gaga, but then we had something that was far better !


Subhayan Mukerjee 9:36 pm  

loved those three days! :)

Sai 10:16 am  

Dint know you were a f1 enthusiast.. I'm sure you are aware that Texas is going to host a race next year .. How about a annual vacation to Austin :)

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